Masterclass Description

To VBAC or Not to VBAC?

That Is the Question

Instructor: Henci Goer | Duration: 70 Minutes

This course will enable you to weigh the risks of planned VBAC versus elective repeat cesarean according to your individual circumstances and refutes common reasons for denying VBAC. Its “take-away” section details optimal labor care practices and policies that will minimize the chance of the scar giving way and maximize likelihood of VBAC as well as suggests strategies for an optimal cesarean.


This masterclass will enable you to…

  • Debunk arguments that planned VBAC poses undue risk compared with elective repeat cesarean.
  • Quantify the potential harms of VBAC versus elective repeat cesarean.
  • Quantify the harms of multiple repeat cesarean versus the benefits of multiple repeat VBACs.
  • Determine whether you are a good candidate for VBAC.
  • Refute phony arguments for denying VBAC.
  • Maximize your chances for safe VBAC.
  • Plan an optimal cesarean delivery.


This masterclass will cover…

  • What Are the Tradeoffs between Planned VBAC and Planned Repeat Cesarean?
  • What Are the Consequences of Multiple VBACs Vs. Multiple Repeat Cesareans?
  • Who Should Labor?
  • What Symptomatic Scar Separation and VBAC Rates Can Be Achieved?

Unique to CBU: Every lecture has “take-away” ideas and tips to help you make decisions and obtain optimal care for you and your baby!

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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?

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