Increasing IV Fluids in Labor: Medical-Model Thinking Strikes Again!

“Plenty of IV Fluids May Make Childbirth Safer, Easier,” enthuses the Philadelphia Inquirer, over a systematic review (a “study of studies” on a particular topic) finding that infusing IV fluids [...]


Systematic Review Finds Eating and Drinking in Labor to Be Benign

A Lamaze International internal e-newsletter points us to a new systematic review, meaning a study of studies on a particular issue, of nutritive oral intake vs. ice chips or water alone. In the [...]


Reducing First Cesareans: It Can Be Done!

If you’ve ever wondered how much could be accomplished if a hospital made a concerted effort to reduce cesareans—and not because an insurance company held a metaphorical gun to its head—this [...]


Why Are Cesarean Rates Are So High? Perspectives from the Trenches

A study in the most recent issue of Birth provides eye-opening illumination on non-medical reasons for high cesarean rates (Kennedy 2016). Investigators at Yale’s med-school affiliated hospital [...]


Have Cesareans Driven Evolution Toward Bigger Babies?

“The great tragedy of Science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.” Thomas Huxley Reverberating through the internet is an article by a group of scientists theorizing that [...]


Doctors Discover Miracle Treatment for Ineffective Contractions: Physiologic Care

Italian obstetricians report that replacing standard management of slow labor with a physiologic approach greatly reduced cesarean deliveries and the use of other medical interventions in [...]


Clinical Guidelines Endorse Physiologic Care in Labor

The Lancet has devoted an issue to maternal health that includes a systematic review of maternity care practice guidelines entitled: “Beyond too little, too late and too much, too soon: a pathway [...]


A Lot to Like in Updated U.K. Labor Care Guidelines

Many recommendations in “Intrapartum care: care of healthy women & their babies during childbirth,” the latest version of National Institute for Health & Care Excellence [...]


Global Maternal & Child Health Organizations Publish Guidelines for Mother-Baby Friendly Birth Facilities

The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), International Confederation of Midwives (ICM), White Ribbon Alliance (WRA), International Pediatric Association (IPA), and World [...]

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