New Study Challenges the Validity of Routine Induction before 42 Weeks

For those of you struggling with the news sweeping the internet that a trial has definitively established that women should be routinely induced at 39 weeks, a new study offers push back. (FYI: I [...]


ACOG Endorses Optimal Care—Sort Of

Abstract: Obstetrician-gynecologists . . . can help women meet their goals for labor and birth by using techniques that are associated with minimal interventions and high rates of patient [...]


Labor Induction Combo Saves Time, But Is It a Good Idea?

The Stir picks up on a U Penn press release extolling a combo method of inducing labor that decreases labor duration by 4 hours compared with inducing with either of its components alone. I get [...]


Study Finds Planned Delivery before 39 Weeks Harmful to Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a press release highlighting a study finding that planned cesarean or induction before 39 completed weeks increases the odds of developmental [...]


Routine Labor Induction at 39 Weeks: Epitome of Medical-Model Thinking

“Our evidence suggests that mainstream obstetric science follows mainstream obstetric practice. A patient and expectant approach to birth…where all is considered normal until proved otherwise, [...]


Everything Older Women Want to Know about Pregnancy & Birth

Science & Sensibility interviews Rebecca Dekker about her new “Evidence Based Birth” post on the issues of pregnancy and birth in women aged 35 or more. The interview provides an overview of [...]


Elective Induction at 40 Weeks? Decision-Based Evidence Making Strikes Again

Some months ago, Henci deconstructed the prepublication manuscript of a systematic review concluding that elective induction at 40 weeks had benefits and didn’t increase the cesarean rate for [...]


Cervical Ripening Via Balloon Catheter Works as Well as Oral Misoprostol

Using a balloon catheter to ripen the cervix* in preparation for labor induction results in similar rates of cesarean, chorioamnionitis (inflammation of the fetal membranes), and low Apgar [...]


Is Elective Induction with an Unripe Cervix Innocuous?

A Medscape article reporting on a randomized controlled trial claims that induction with an unfavorable cervix doesn’t increase cesarean rates, but let’s look closer. Investigators randomly [...]


Labor Drugs Have Adverse Effect on Newborn Ability to Suckle

According to a study soon to be published in Birth, epidural fentanyl and IV oxytocin have dose-dependent negative effects on instinctive newborn ability to suckle. Investigators blinded to [...]

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