Non-Medical Factors Drive the Decision to Perform Cesareans

A Newsweek article points to a systematic review (a study of studies) finding that doctors perform cesareans in the belief that it will protect them from being sued, but that isn’t the half [...]


Is a “Healthy Baby” the Only “Important Thing”?

In this month’s issue of Birth, investigators examine the relationship between mode of delivery, negative feelings, and whether negative feelings have more substantive effects than the feelings [...]


Previous Cesarean Increases Likelihood of Future Hysterectomy Complications

If the list of cesarean harms weren’t long enough already, Consumer Reports points to another one: women who have hysterectomies are more likely to experience complications if they have [...]


Have Cesareans Driven Evolution Toward Bigger Babies?

“The great tragedy of Science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.” Thomas Huxley Reverberating through the internet is an article by a group of scientists theorizing that [...]


Study Finds Planned Delivery before 39 Weeks Harmful to Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a press release highlighting a study finding that planned cesarean or induction before 39 completed weeks increases the odds of developmental [...]


Cesarean Surgery Increases Likelihood of Deep Venous Clots and Pulmonary Embolism

A UPI report summarizes the findings of a systematic review (a study of studies) of 60 studies comparing the likelihood of deep venous clots and pulmonary embolism (venous thromboembolism) after [...]


Cesarean Surgery May Lead to Long-Term Pain and Opioid Addiction

A study reporting on chronic opioid use after surgery, defined by study investigators as “having filled 10 or more prescriptions or more than 120 days’ supply of an opioid in the first year after [...]


Dr. Amy Blames Childbirth Woes on Natural Birth Cabal in WASHINGTON POST Commentary

Amy Tuteur has managed to score a commentary in the Washington Post entitled “How the natural birth industry sets mothers up for guilt and shame.” You would think that the inflammatory rhetoric [...]


Everything Older Women Want to Know about Pregnancy & Birth

Science & Sensibility interviews Rebecca Dekker about her new “Evidence Based Birth” post on the issues of pregnancy and birth in women aged 35 or more. The interview provides an overview of [...]


Doula Care Reduces Preterm Births & Cesareans in Low-Income Women

NPR reports on a study comparing outcomes between Medicaid-funded singleton births in 1935 women having doula care and 65,147 similar women who did not. After adjustment for maternal age, [...]

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