Why Are Cesarean Rates Are So High? Perspectives from the Trenches

A study in the most recent issue of Birth provides eye-opening illumination on non-medical reasons for high cesarean rates (Kennedy 2016). Investigators at Yale’s med-school affiliated hospital [...]


Doctors Discover Miracle Treatment for Ineffective Contractions: Physiologic Care

Italian obstetricians report that replacing standard management of slow labor with a physiologic approach greatly reduced cesarean deliveries and the use of other medical interventions in [...]


Routine Labor Induction at 39 Weeks: Epitome of Medical-Model Thinking

“Our evidence suggests that mainstream obstetric science follows mainstream obstetric practice. A patient and expectant approach to birth…where all is considered normal until proved otherwise, [...]


CMQCC Releases Toolkit on How to Reduce Cesareans in 1st-Time Mothers

The California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative has released Toolkit to Support Vaginal Birth & Reduce Primary Cesareans. Reading it inspired “shock and awe,” “awe” of the herculean effort [...]


More Time to Push Reduces Cesarean Rates in 1st-Time Mothers with Epidurals

EurekAlert reports on a trial finding that giving 1st-time mothers more time to push out their babies cuts the cesarean rate for prolonged second stage in half. The American College of [...]


Laborists Don’t Solve the Problem of High Cesarean Rates

One theory behind laborists, obstetricians employed by hospitals to provide 24/7 coverage, is that it will reduce cesarean rates by removing time management considerations from the decision. [...]


Doula Care Reduces Preterm Births & Cesareans in Low-Income Women

NPR reports on a study comparing outcomes between Medicaid-funded singleton births in 1935 women having doula care and 65,147 similar women who did not. After adjustment for maternal age, [...]


NYT Article Looks at Preventable Cesareans

A New York Times commentary serves as an eye-opener for anyone unaware of the degree to which having a cesarean depends on factors having nothing to do with the health or well-being of mothers [...]


Admission in Active Labor Could Decrease Cesareans & Maternal Deaths in Low-Risk Women

Using the obstetric research to develop their underlying assumptions, investigators created a decision-analytic model to compare outcomes in a theoretical population of 3.2 million healthy, [...]


Hospital Reduces Cesarean Rate—for All the Wrong Reasons

According to Kaiser Health News, Hoag Memorial Hospital, “one of the largest and most respected facilities in Orange County,” delivering more than 6000 babies per year, reduced its cesarean rate [...]

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