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At CBU, we know it can be difficult to grow and sustain a business. We know, too, the challenges of helping women make informed choices while riding the fine line between offering guidance and overstepping the boundary when giving advice.

CBU can help you do both. Partnering with CBU can help you bring people in the door and give  the women you work with the tools to determine the best care for themselves and their babies.

The CBU Partnership Advantage

How Does It Work?

CBU Partners receive a unique Affiliate code sequence that they can append to links to the CBU website. CBU’s software will credit the Partner with any sale of the Optimal Care in Childbirth course made by a purchaser who visits the website via a link including that code sequence. Partners receive 50% of the revenue of their sales. As an added incentive, Partners will receive a discount coupon code to distribute that will entitle recipients to $50 off the purchase of CBU’s Optimal Care in Childbirth course. Partners also have the right to use the CBU logo in advertising their services or business.


As an added bonus, affiliation will entitle Partners to free access to all courses, and they will receive CBU’s e-newsletter pointing them to internet articles of interest, notifying them of new CBU analyses and commentaries, and providing CBU updates.


CBU courses consist of streamable, narrated slide lectures that can be viewed on any device. The specialized presentation software allows viewers to go at their own pace and jump to any slide of their choosing. Lectures include a downloadable PDF containing links to selected internet resources pertinent to that lecture together with the lecture’s bibliography. In addition, CBU’s facebook page provides a forum for purchasers to engage in dialog with CBU lecturers and other pregnant women as well as the option to contact lecture presenters privately.

How Do I Get Started?

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For $99 per year, you receive –

  • Access to All Online Courses for 1 Year
  • Discount Coupon Code for Clients to Receive $50 off the Optimal Care in Childbirth Course
  • CBU Branding Package
  • Access to Private Facebook Forum Exclusive to Partners
  • CBU’s E-Newsletter

Plus, generate additional revenue for your business.

CBU Partners receive 50% of all sales of the Optimal Care in Childbirth course made using their affiliate link. At a $149 retail price, even with sales using the $50 off coupon, Partners can recoup the cost of partnership with just 2 sales.

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