Masterclass Description

Induction of Labor: Part 2

Are Methods Safe and Effective?

Instructor: Henci Goer | Duration: 43 Minutes

Considering (or planning) labor induction? Induction Part 2 will give you the facts on strategies to bring on labor naturally, induction methods, and what best promotes uneventful vaginal birth, and if the induction isn’t for medical reasons, it will help you decide whether you want to go ahead with the induction now, later, or at all.


This masterclass will enable you to…

  • Determine whether to agree to an elective induction.
  • Choose among strategies for starting labor naturally.
  • Choose among strategies for ripening the cervix (if needed) and inducing contractions.
  • Plan an optimal induction.


This masterclass will cover…

  • The Elephant in the Room
  • Induction Avoidance Strategies

Breast stimulation, acupuncture, stripping/sweeping membranes

  • Induction Methods

Cervical ripening (balloon [Foley] catheter), inducing contractions (rupturing membranes, IV oxytocin [Pitocin, Syntocinon]), cervical ripening + inducing contractions (prostaglandin E2 [Prepidil, Cervidil, dinoprostone], misoprostol [Cytotec, prostaglandin E1])

Unique to CBU: Every lecture has “take-away” ideas and tips to help you make decisions and obtain optimal care for you and your baby!


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Optimal Care in Childbirth

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