Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Course lectures are self-paced. You can take as long as you need. If you pause a lecture, the special software will remember where you left off and offer the option to begin there or start over when you return to it. Course lectures are also independent of each other. They may be viewed in any order, and, while we recommend taking the entire course, you can skip lectures on topics that don’t interest you.

What devices will allow me to access course lectures?

Course lectures can be viewed on any device capable of internet streaming.

How long will I have access to the course?

Access to courses never expires, and when lectures are updated or new lectures are added, you will automatically receive access to the updated or new lectures.

Who gives the lectures?

Find out more about CBU’s faculty on the Faculty page.  

Are the course lectures solely intended for an American audience?

Not at all. The same issues are of concern in most other countries, and what constitutes optimal care is the same the world over. Moreover, because much of the world’s research is published in English, the research literature analyzed and synthesized in the lectures has been conducted in many countries, not just the U.S.

I’m in my third trimester, should I still take the course?

It’s never too late to gather information that can help you make informed decisions and obtain optimal care for you and your baby.

I live internationally, can I still access the course?

You can access course lectures from anywhere in the world that has internet access and at any time that is convenient to you.

Do you provide subtitles to course lectures?

Yes, each slide is accompanied by a “Notes” page that contains the narration script for that slide.

Can I download lectures?

Unfortunately, no. CBU lectures are streamable only and use a special software that enables you to control the pace and order of the slide presentations. 

How can I find out when new lectures are posted or updated?

Once you purchase a course, you will automatically receive notifications about new lectures and access to updated lectures. Be sure to add to your email address book so e-notices don’t end up in your spam filter.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Absolutely! If you aren’t satisfied, contact us within 30 days of your purchase date, and we’ll refund your money.

What if I have technical difficulties?

We’re sorry you’re having a problem. Contact us and our technical support/customer service staff is available via e-mail during normal business hours in the Pacific Time Zone. Please describe in as much detail as you can the nature of your problem, anything you did to try to fix it, and if relevant, what the results were. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I report an error in a lecture or a problem with a resource?

Thank you for taking the time to help us out. Please contact us so that we can make the correction.


Childbirth U is intended to help you make informed decisions about maternity care; however, the information found on this website is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should consult your physician or midwife before acting on any of the information you find here. While the content of CBU lectures is believed to be true and accurate at the time of publication, we accept no legal responsibility for any errors or omissions that may be made and make no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the content of CBU lectures.

Optimal Care in Childbirth

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