Masterclass Description

Continuous Fetal Monitoring

Promises, but Doesn’t Deliver

Instructor: Henci Goer | Duration: 55 Minutes

Continuous fetal monitoring (A.K.A. cardiotocography) during labor was supposed to identify babies in trouble more accurately, which was thought would both improve outcomes and avoid unnecessary rescue deliveries. Unfortunately, it became standard practice despite failing to deliver on either count. Learn the ins-and-outs of fetal monitoring, why routine use persists, when continuous monitoring is recommended, and ways to minimize its potential harms.


This masterclass will enable you to…

  • Describe what’s involved with carrying out continuous fetal monitoring and its add-on techniques.
  • Weigh the benefits vs. harms of continuous fetal monitoring and its add-on techniques and strategies.
  • Compare the various fetal monitoring techniques.
  • Explain what drives ongoing routine use of continuous monitoring and its add-on techniques and strategies.
  • Describe optimal fetal monitoring practices for healthy and at-risk women.
  • Obtain optimal care or best possible care when options are limited.
  • Reduce likelihood of harms when continuous monitoring is indicated.
  • List strategies for protecting the baby’s wellbeing during labor.


This masterclass will cover…

  • Continuous Fetal Monitoring Fails to Improve Perinatal or Maternal Outcomes
  • Add-On Techniques and Strategies Don’t Help
  • Why Doesn’t Continuous Fetal Monitoring Work?
  • Continuous Fetal Monitoring and Its Add-Ons Impose Harms
  • What Drives Ongoing Use?

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