New Study Challenges the Validity of Routine Induction before 42 Weeks

For those of you struggling with the news sweeping the internet that a trial has definitively established that women should be routinely induced at 39 weeks, a new study offers push back. (FYI: I [...]


Labor Induction Combo Saves Time, But Is It a Good Idea?

The Stir picks up on a U Penn press release extolling a combo method of inducing labor that decreases labor duration by 4 hours compared with inducing with either of its components alone. I get [...]


Routine Labor Induction at 39 Weeks: Epitome of Medical-Model Thinking

“Our evidence suggests that mainstream obstetric science follows mainstream obstetric practice. A patient and expectant approach to birth…where all is considered normal until proved otherwise, [...]


Frying Pan Vs. Fire: Inducing Older Moms at 39 Weeks

Once again the internet is abuzz over a study concluding that inducing labor doesn’t increase the cesarean rate, this time in week 39 in 1st-time mothers age 35 or older. The justification for [...]


Elective Induction at 40 Weeks? Decision-Based Evidence Making Strikes Again

Some months ago, Henci deconstructed the prepublication manuscript of a systematic review concluding that elective induction at 40 weeks had benefits and didn’t increase the cesarean rate for [...]


Cervical Ripening Via Balloon Catheter Works as Well as Oral Misoprostol

Using a balloon catheter to ripen the cervix* in preparation for labor induction results in similar rates of cesarean, chorioamnionitis (inflammation of the fetal membranes), and low Apgar [...]


Is Elective Induction with an Unripe Cervix Innocuous?

A Medscape article reporting on a randomized controlled trial claims that induction with an unfavorable cervix doesn’t increase cesarean rates, but let’s look closer. Investigators randomly [...]


Elective Induction at 40 Weeks?

In a new Science & Sensibility post, “Elective Induction at 40 Weeks? ‘Decision-Based Evidence Making’ Strikes Again,” Henci deconstructs a systematic review claiming [...]


Induction for Impending Postdates Fails to Reduce Fetal Deaths

German investigators explored the relationship between labor induction and fetal death between 2005 and 2012 in 5,300,000 births in order to determine whether a policy of late term induction [...]

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