Landmark Systematic Review Published on Breastfeeding

Apropos of ACOG’s new breastfeeding guidelines (see CBU post ), Attn notes Lancet’s  publication of “Breastfeeding in the 21st century: epidemiology, mechanisms, and lifelong effect,” which [...]


ACOG Issues New Breastfeeding Guideline

News articles reporting on the American Congress of Obstetricians & Gynecologists latest breastfeeding Committee Opinion have featured its position that ob/gyns should support a woman’s [...]


Another Maternal Benefit of Breastfeeding

Adding to the long list of breastfeeding benefits, Medscape Medical News summarizes a study demonstrating that breastfeeding strongly protects women diagnosed with gestational diabetes from [...]


Laugh-Out-Loud Video on Breastfeeding in Public

On a lighter note, here’s a video that should tickle your funnybone.


U.S. Army Issues Breastfeeding Policy

CNN reports on the Army’s new breastfeeding policy. The article also provides links to the Air Force and Navy policies.


Too Much “Brexting” Could Interfere with Mother-Baby Relationship

Moms might want to consider how much time they’re spending engaged with their phone screens instead of their babies while breastfeeding, according to this article. No one is saying that [...]

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