How Long Is Normal Labor?

“A revision of existing active labor expectations . . . is warranted, and efforts to do so must supersede efforts to change labor to fit existing expectations.” Neal 2010, p. 31713 “How long is normal labor?” is a crucial question because doctors determine when to intervene based on when they [...]

Is COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy Safe? Is It Protective?

I thought it would be helpful to do a roundup of studies investigating the safety and protective effects of COVID-19 vaccination in pregnant women. These are studies I have been accumulating for the past couple of years either because I get study publication notices from the journals that [...]

 Does Routine Induction at 39 Weeks Improve Outcomes?

A recent systematic review (a study of studies) challenges current wisdom that inducing at 39 weeks reduces cesareans and improves newborn outcomes.5 Reviewers pooled data among 16 randomized controlled trials (studies in which participants are assigned by chance to one form of treatment or [...]

Healthy Diet & Mindfulness Reduce Small-for-Gestational-Age Babies

A study reports that both healthy diet and mindfulness training can reduce the incidence of babies born small-for-gestational-age (SGA), that is, at birthweights in the bottom 10% for their age. This is important news because SGA babies are more likely to experience adverse outcomes, and there [...]

Does Progesterone Prevent Recurrent Preterm Birth?

Progesterone injections have never unambiguously been shown to prevent recurrent preterm birth. Nevertheless, in 2011, the FDA thought the evidence sufficiently promising to grant preliminary approval for their use.5 The FDA wasn’t entirely convinced and required a follow-up trial as a [...]

Safe at Home (or Birth Center)!

A large Washington State study affirms that planning birth in a free-standing birth center or at home (community birth) can be as safe as planned hospital birth provided: Women are at low-risk for complications. Births are attended by a professional midwife. Midwives are integrated into the [...]

Dural Puncture During an Epidural Can Have Long-Term Effects

Anesthesiologists have long known that accidental puncture of the dural membrane during epidural administration causes severe postpartum headache. They believed, however, that once the woman recovered, that’s the end of it. It turns out that’s not true. Evidence is mounting that dural puncture [...]

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  • Choosing a Place of Birth during COVID-19 (free eBook)

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