NYC Report Reveals that Women of Color More Likely to Die of Pregnancy-Related Causes

Women’s eNews summarizes a New York City Department of Health report on maternal mortality between 2006 and 2010 finding that women of color were more likely to die of pregnancy-related [...]


Tubal Ligation Denied at Catholic Hospital

Women planning to have their tubes tied during cesarean surgery should consider whether their hospital will allow it because if the hospital is Catholic, there’s a high probability that it [...]


Too Much “Brexting” Could Interfere with Mother-Baby Relationship

Moms might want to consider how much time they’re spending engaged with their phone screens instead of their babies while breastfeeding, according to this article. No one is saying that [...]


The MANA Stats on Planned Home VBAC in the U.S.

Science & Sensibility recently published an interview with Melissa Cheyney, one of the authors of the forthcoming “Planned home VBAC in the United States, 2004-2009: outcomes, maternity [...]


Midwifery Care Saves Money—And That’s the Problem

And while we’re on a roll on the economics of childbirth, in a Boston Globe article, Gene Declercq explains why midwives aren’t the 1st-line care providers for low-risk women in the [...]


Continuous Fetal Monitoring (Cardiotocography) Strikes Out Again

A review due out at the end of the month reinforces that continuous fetal monitoring could have little effect on reducing incidence of cerebral palsy because the causes are almost always related [...]


Admission in Active Labor Could Decrease Cesareans & Maternal Deaths in Low-Risk Women

Using the obstetric research to develop their underlying assumptions, investigators created a decision-analytic model to compare outcomes in a theoretical population of 3.2 million healthy, [...]

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